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Customer: Frequently ask question


Is the “Free” plan really free?

There are no strings attached. ReQruiting is free. You can also terminate your FREE plan at any time.


Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, you can always cancel your subscription from your account settings. If you cancel a monthly plan, you’ll be able to access your account and its features for the remainder of the month for which you’ve already paid, but you’ll not be charged for the following month or onwards. The same principle goes for annual plans.


Where can I upgrade and downgrade the account?

You can easily upgrade, downgrade and terminate your account whenever you want and it can all be done under your account settings.


Can I terminate my account?

ReQruiting is free, however, you have the option to terminate your account at any time. 


What happens if I downgrade from a professional or corporate subscription?

You will have access to the professional / corporate features until your subscription expires, which is when your subscription will be converted to the subscription chosen and billed accordingly. Your recruitments and data will remain stored in your account but some might not be accessible since a downgrade may result in fewer features. You can always upgrade again and get full access to your data; it’ll be like you never left! Scroll up to see the difference between the plans.


Do you have any enterprise discounts?

Yes! Please contact ReQruiting for more information.



Candidate: Frequently ask question



How do I apply?

The best thing about recruitment at ReQruiting is that you can begin the application whenever you want. Simply apply for one of the jobs on the Job Board and you will be guided through the process. To speed up the process, please have your resume/CV and other relevant documents ready before you begin.


How long will it take me to register and apply for a job?

It only takes 5-10 minutes to register and apply depending on how much information that you want to provide.


Is it possible to apply by email or by post?

Unfortunately, we do not process applications via email or post. All applications for our positions need to be submitted online.


Who has access to my data once I have registered?

Only our team of recruitment professionals at ReQruiting and the specific hiring manager from the company you applied to, will have access to your application data. ReQruiting manage and process your information and personal data in line with current legislation and best practice.

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