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ReQruiting makes recruitment easy

Take advantage of the digital recruitment tools to identify and hire your next employee

User-friendly recruiting system

Get a structured overview of all candidates. Our recruiting system guides you through the whole recruiting progress with help of:

  • A simple screening process
  • Automated ranking of candidates based on criteria such as experience, education, qualifications etc.
  • Simple status updates so you able follow the recruiting process
  • Easy access to resume and application
  • Etc.



Automatic processes

Our automatic processes make it a lot easier for you and your applicant to get through the recruiting progress:

  • Automatic “Thank you for your application” mail, when the candidate has uploaded his/her application
  • Automatic upload of your advertisement on various medias
  • Automatic storage of former job advertisements
  • Automatic handling of unsolicited applications
  • Etc.





GDPR compliant

We make sure your personal data are handled in accordance with the GDPR rights.

  • The system secures all relevant consents
  • Data of no relevance will automatically be deleted
  • Correct storage of data
  • Etc.



Advisory based on BIG data

BIG data secures better candidates:

  • Automatic advertisement and sourcing counseling based on big data (coming soon)
  • Overview of where to find the best candidates (coming soon)
  • Overview of recruiting tools (coming soon)
  • Access to competent feedback from recruitments experts




Effective onboarding process

We make it administratively easy for you and your new employee to go through the integration process.

  • Plan the introduction course of the new employee from A-Z. Who welcomes the employee? Who sets up the computer? etc. 
  • Automate the information sharing. Teach the new employee your company culture, products etc.
  • Overview of computer and assets hand out (coming soon)
  • Follow the progress of the onboarding process. Did the new employee read the employee handbook? etc. 
  • Etc.



Obtain benefits by collaborating:

  • Multiple users are able to evaluate and screen candidates
  • Each user is able to rank the candidates individually
  • Organize the process by informing your team whether they in lack of something or are in need of remembering something (coming soon=
  • Multiple users are able to start a recruitment.
  • Etc.


Your own Candidate CRM database

Find the most attractive candidates once again with your Talent CRM database.

  • Secure the best selection of candidates to potential job positions
  • Secure the best selection to future job positions
  • Establish your own pipeline of candidates
  • Etc.



Career page

Get more applications to your vacant posts. Show the world who you are, and why the employees should work for you.

  • Unique and simple career page that can be integrated with your webpage
  • Automatic handling of unsolicited applications etc.
  • Etc.





Everything you need for a perfect recruiting gathered in one place.

  • Advertisement possibilities (coming soon)
  • Personality test (coming soon)
  • Sourcing possibilities (coming soon)
  • Etc.



Overview of all the functions


  • Automated processes – Thank you for e-mail, unsolicited applicants, etc.
  • Job advertisements – Automated upload on extern job portals
  • Data – Have a look of which platform the candidate applied from (coming soon)
  • Candidate Bank – Establish and manage your own pipeline of candidates
  • Customized qualifications – Identify specific qualifications to a quick match
  • Social medias – Share simple on all recognized platforms
  • Teamwork – Work together with your team during incoming candidates and challenges
  • Task control – Organise the process by informing your team whether they in lack of something or are in need of remembering something
  • Screening – Evaluate and comment on the candidates
  • Status – Overview of the process with status updates
  • Communication – Send several messages at once
  • Task overview – Which tasks are completed, and which ones are not (coming soon)
  • Career page – Show the world who you are and attract more candidates (coming soon)
  • Language – Hire on several languages
  • GDPR – Automatic deletion of the candidates’ data
  • Availability – Online access on all platforms
  • Marketplace – All in one place (coming soon)
  • Contracts – Store contracts and other documents
  • Assets – Overview of who has what (coming soon)
  • Etc.

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