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Professional recruiting tools for a perfect and easy recruiting, without the hassle and cost.

ReQruiting wants to make it easy for companies to manage recruitment proces through intelligent recruitment software

ReQruiting was founded with a focus on making recruiting more simple and helping companies attract better qualified candidates. ReQruiting is evolving the way companies recruit. Seamlessly and inexpensively, ReQruiting aims to give companies access to professional recruiting tools and processes, ensuring companies easier access to qualified candidates.The software provides advice and guidance and ensures companies easier access to qualified candidates. No matter if you are company who shall recruit or a recruiting agency this software can help. 

Today, as the first company in Denmark, we have developed a recruitment software that gives businesses easy access to professional recruitment tools and advertising opportunities and you only pay if it gives value. Everything gathered somewhere. Whether the company needs to advertise on linkedin, Jobindex, or perform a search, the software can help you. The solution is available 24/7 on all devices, computers, tablets and mobile phones.


Our people

We are an ambitious team of individuals, passionate about renewing and simplifying the recruitment process. We love to help our customers attract better candidates. ReQruiting has an entrepreneurial spirit and the values of a start-up. We therefore also appreciate feedback and new ideas. Feel free to contact and inspire us, or let us inspire you at


We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Søren Brændsgaard - Founder




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